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Welcome to the BIG IMPACT Podcast, where we celebrate inspiring, innovative, insightful people who make an impact in our culture. Our goal with every episode is to encourage, uplift, and enlighten every listener to help offset the overwhelming amount of cynical, negative, destructive conversation heard all too often on a national scale.

Life is too short to be miserable and angry, so enjoy the wisdom and stories of our guests on the BIG IMPACT Podcast!

Jun 19, 2019

Welcome to The Big Impact Episode 123 and the inspiring story of the Gagnon family. Having fostered over 30 children from around the world and adopting 5 special needs kids into their family, this selfless family was confronted by a difficult situation - bullying of their son, Joel.

Instead of falling into anger or...

Apr 10, 2019

Welcome to The Big Impact and a powerful, inspiring conversation with Zach Tomlinson from Clio, MI. In July of 1997, Zach and friends from his church youth group were on a rafting excursion when Zach dove into the Rifle River. The water was only 1 foot deep. Zach broke his neck and (apart from a miracle) is confined...

Mar 20, 2019

BIG IMPACT Podcast Ep 110 features our conversation with Ethan Johnston. Born in Ethiopia, Ethan was kidnapped at age 5, blinded by his captors, and forced to beg - all while still a child. His remarkable story of coming to America and thriving as a young adult, is a powerful testimony to his adopted family and his...

Jan 23, 2019


BIG IMPACT Podcast Ep 102 features the incredible story of Sean Swarner - the only double cancer survivor to scale the peak of Mt Everest...with only ONE LUNG!

Sean Swarner has survived a pair of "death sentence" cancer diagnoses and the loss of one lung - and that all happened in his teens. Yet, nothing has...

Jan 12, 2019


BIG IMPACT Podcast Ep 99 features a conversation with John Orth, the Guinness World Record holder for pull ups in a 24-hour span - 7,670!

Violin maker by trade, Orth fought both physical and mental battles to accomplish a feat so unreachable, the record is likely to stand forever.

How did he do it? What was his...