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Nov 2, 2022

Welcome to The Big Impact Ep 249 - Pancakes for Roger - Susan Combs

Major General Roger Combs was a highly decorated Vietnam veteran who was diagnosed with Agent-Orange-related throat cancer in his later years, which he had been exposed to as a helicopter pilot in Vietnam. 

His daughter and best-selling author, Susan, acted as his caregiver through his final days. In his final treatments, he used a feeding tube for his meals.
One day, she recounts, she found him setting the table for breakfast: “I came downstairs, he was setting the kitchen table for himself and I looked at him rather quizzically and asked what he was doing. He looked at me and said, 'I want pancakes for breakfast.'”

Major Roger Combs passed shortly thereafter and never got his pancakes, but Susan was determined to keep his memory alive.

She's the champion behind the #PancakesforRoger movement, a moving tribute to her late father, which encourages people to share photos of themselves enjoying pancakes on social media to keep her father's memory alive.

For every post with the hashtag #PancakesforRoger, her company will donate a dollar to the Mizzou Law Veterans Clinic, an establishment near and dear to Major Combs's heart. 


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