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Welcome to the BIG IMPACT Podcast, where we celebrate inspiring, innovative, insightful people who make an impact in our culture. Our goal with every episode is to encourage, uplift, and enlighten every listener to help offset the overwhelming amount of cynical, negative, destructive conversation heard all too often on a national scale.

Life is too short to be miserable and angry, so enjoy the wisdom and stories of our guests on the BIG IMPACT Podcast!

Mar 20, 2019

BIG IMPACT Podcast Ep 110 features our conversation with Ethan Johnston. Born in Ethiopia, Ethan was kidnapped at age 5, blinded by his captors, and forced to beg - all while still a child. His remarkable story of coming to America and thriving as a young adult, is a powerful testimony to his adopted family and his...

Mar 13, 2019

BIG IMPACT Podcast Ep 109 features our conversation with the Founder/CEO of OPEN THE BOOKS - a tireless watchdog team that examines how federal, state, and local governments spend YOUR tax dollars.

If you're perfectly comfortable knowing that over $22M was recently spent on lobster and crab legs, this episode isn't...

Mar 6, 2019

BIG IMPACT Podcast Ep 108 features our conversation with Detroit Tiger Pitcher, Matt Boyd. This talented athlete and his wife and embraced a project and challenge to rescue young girls out of sex trafficking in Uganda, opening a safe haven and school called, "Kingdom Home."

We discuss a little baseball and a lot more...

Feb 27, 2019


BIG IMPACT Podcast Ep 107 features our conversation with Donna Rice Hughes, President of "Enough is Enough" - an advocacy group fighting against the dangers of pornography, internet predators, and human trafficking.

First known as part of a political scandal in the late 1980s, Donna Rice Hughes has become an...

Feb 20, 2019

BIG IMPACT Podcast Ep 106 features the story of a group of soldier heroes from World War I, the "Polar Bears." Hailing mostly from Michigan and neighboring states, these brave soldiers were dispatched to the Arctic Circle to fight the Bolsheviks
(among others) in unbearably frozen conditions. If you love American...